Remove Known Sites from Skope IT Alerts List

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Hello All,

I was wondering if there was a way to remove items from the alerts page for sites know I want to block but don't want to see in Skope IT alerts page?  


An example would be items that are triggering based on "" as a malsite.  I know I want to block these but I don't want all of these entries filling up our Alerts log in Skope IT.  Is there a way to block this but not alert to Skope IT easily without having to pull it into a new policy with a custom URL list?


Thank you.

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Thank you for your question, @SirRobert. A Netskope expert from our community team will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community member knows the solution, please reply to this thread!

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There is no currently a method to not log certain categories etc. However, you can create and save a filter to filter out things like “Online Ads” inside the SkopeIT -> Alerts.

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Thank you @zthompson.  I will give that a try.  Appreciate the response.

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@SirRobert I've asked a very similar question at a broader level.   "Can we block, without creating an alert?"
Unfortunately, the response I received was essentially the same.   Filter the alerts, rather than managing them up front.