SkopeIT query bar: How find a query field name

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The SkopeIT query bar is powerful tool to show filtered data. Sometimes it is a bit challenging to find the name of a field to be used in a query. E.g. we recently introduced a new SkopeIT field called "Netskope Pop". This field tells you, where the traffic was enforced. The get field name for a query just mouse over the field in the detailed event view (see screenshot). Then you can use it in a query like this: "netskope_pop like FRA1".

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Good Info Jürgen! I'd like to add, that DC names have the country code prepended: DE-FRA1, CH-ZRH1, FR-PAR1 etc. One can therefore also filter on countries. And the DC codes have just been added to the KB: 

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A good starting point is the article on SkopeIT query language. From there, one may continue to examples, etc.