Total applications supported by App instance - New App Instance

  • 24 February 2023
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Total applications supported by App instance - New App Instance.


Hello good afternoon, first of all thanks for the collaboration, good vibes and for your time.

I have a doubt, regarding the possibility of being able to identify corporate Instances.


What applications are currently compatible with Netskope, to identify and define your corporate instance?


That is to say by means of App instance - New App Instance ?


Thank you


I remain attentive


Regards and attentive to your comments

3 replies

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I'm looking at a summary of the last month's data have around 150 applications (excluding GitHub and YouTube) with non-null and non-"public-link" identified instances.  About half of them fall into different applications by a handful of the big app publishers.

If you want to look into the identified instances within your tenant and you're an Advanced Analytics customer, I recommend you grab the dashboard in this post and tune it to your identifiers.
Tag your applications and instances - The Netskope Community

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Thanks for your answer.


I could see apps, like BOX, G-Drive, but just for a use case with Onedrive there is no option to add the instance to distinguish between Onedrive corporate traffic and the personal application



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Traffic has to be decrypted to see the application instances.    Is O365 on your SSL bypass?