Traffic Steering Policy for VMs in VMWare and VirtualBox

  • 15 May 2024
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Hi, my organization is having some certificate issues with VMs in VMWare and VirtualBox. I attempted to make a custom cert pinned application using the process seen in the NS client NSdebuglog files, which did not work as expected. I have been working with support for a solution but I am hoping the community has an idea on how to solve this. 

1 reply

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There are two ways to resolve the certificate error for applications that cannot work with the proxy solution:

1. SSL Bypass: Add the domains used by these applications to the SSL Bypass list so the proxy does not intercept this traffic or insert a proxy certificate that the endpoint application cannot trust.

2. Traffic Bypass: Bypass the traffic from these applications by creating a certificate-pinned application or adding the domains used by the application to the steering exception list.