Best Practice for Netskope Private Access - High Availability for Private Applications

  • 22 April 2021
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Best practice when implementing Network Private Access is to have backup connectors for your private applications,  ensuring fan-out for cloud and data center environments.


Publishers work in Active-Active mode. Active-Active mode enables higher throughput. Up to 16 publishers are supported in an Active-Active deployment per app.

A round-robin algorithm is used to spread Netskope Clients across publishers.


Adding additional publishers to the private application allows for this feature.  


Note: The publishers should be able to access the applications for which they are to publish.


See the Netskope Private Access User Guide for more details: 


Credit: The Netskope Private Access Virtual Team.

2 replies

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Is there a link to this user guide without needing to log in?

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Is there a link to this user guide w/o requiring a login?