Can we use multiple domain system with a single tenant

  • 10 February 2022
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Set multiple domains laptop as a posture parameter without any SAML authentication & client installation via email invite only

·Will NPA solution work properly ??

·What is the draw back if we implement NPA without IDP

Case2 –

Initially multiple domains laptop as a posture parameter, without IDP user used Netskope NPA solution and after some time IDP SAML authentication integrate with Netskope

·Then what is the impact on current NPA working user after IDP integration

·Both user work parallelly or not??


If Azure AD used as a SAML authentication configured for IDP & SCIM integration with same Azure AD

·Then how to deploy Netskope client to different domain user systems and work

·what is the traffic flow from other domain system to CFS environment?

1 reply

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@subhamg1 can you perhaps describe the business outcome you're trying to achieve/problem to solve?  The cases above make it hard to contextualize the answers properly.  For example, you're saying "multiple domains" laptop - but an endpoint can only be joined to one Active Directory domain at a time.  So getting a bit more context/details around the problem you're trying to solve and clearer technical picture would help.