Create a NPA policy via REST Api

  • 26 February 2024
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I’d like to create a new NPA policy via REST Api.

I wonder if this part is needed:
"rule_order": {                        
  "order": "top",                        
  "rule_name": "api-policy-managed",    
  "rule_id": 1,                        
  "position": 5                        

I don’t know the “rule_id” as it’s not created yet. Could I just skip it?

What is default order for newly created policy within provided "group_id" and "group_name"?

What about other parts like "dlp_actions", “privateAppsWithActivities”, "net_location_obj", "srcCountries"  - should be skipped if not needed?


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can be used to create NPA policy. 

You can use this REST API v2 query to get the app id of the private app for which the NPA policy needs to be created. For more details, please check out Settings → Tools → Rest API v2 → Documentation to test different available API options