Dedicated egress ip address

  • 14 May 2024
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Would like to check the dedicated egress ip address is tied to the ZTNA solution. meaning if you want to use the ZTNA feature on Netskope, then dedicated egress ip address is required for the feature?

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   There is no requirement for Dedicated Egress IP (DEIP) for ZTNA.   

DEIP is primarily used when you need dedicated IPs which are not shared with other organisations for an additional level of access control to SaaS apps.  If DEIP is not used, egress will be with a pooled Netskope IP, which are shared across all Netskope customers.

For ZTNA (or Netskope Private Access which is referenced across across the technical documentation), the placement of the publisher will generally determine that egress IP.  The publisher will be placed close to the application which it is serving in your data centre or public cloud environment (AWS, Azure, GCP).

See below a couple of links with a bit more info.