Does NPA support IPv6 DNS servers?

  • 1 November 2023
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Hello Team,


Users can't use the NPA Application when the DNS server is set to IPv6. It appears that NPA can't work with IPv6 DNS queries to match the SRP installed.


I found some community posts for MAC OS where users recommended turning off IPV6.


Does NPA work with IPV6 DNS servers, or are there any limitations?


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2 replies

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Hello @Zulkifal,


NPA does not currently support IPv6 connections and DNS queries.  This is notated here.  If this is a requirement for your environment, please ensure that you communicate this with your local account team so we can track it as an enhancement request.  There are some features built into the Netskope client to block AAAA queries that should avoid this situation.  If that is not working, I'd suggest opening a case with client logs and a packet capture to verify the client is working correctly. 

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@sshiflett   Thank you for clarifying.