Netskope Private Access Prelogon for Private Apps

  • 4 April 2023
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Zero Trust Network Access(ZTNA) solutions provide vast security improvements compared to traditional VPNs thanks to only allowing users access to the applications they need. Autopilot can be used to simplify and streamline the bulk deployment, setup, and configuration of Windows 10/11 devices in an organization to ensure they are provisioned and locked down according to corporate standards. It can also be used for device reset, repurpose, and recovery. Netskope has a feature called Netskope Private Access Prelogon for Private Apps which assists customers to take advantage of autopilot functionality.


Netskope’s Professional Services team has been using this feature to recognize company owned devices and associate them with appropriate enrollment workflows and configuration profiles,  automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) or Active Directory, auto-enroll devices into MDM services such as Intune, and Customer Out of Box Experience (OOBE) content specific to the organization. With Autopilot enabled, users will have a seamless experience of on-premises Active Directory capabilities such as Group policy, authentication (Kerberos and NTLM) and file sharing services (SMB, DFS). The Netskope client is pre-configured and rolled out with pre-logon username and unique tenant identification.

More information about Windows Autopilot with Private Access Prelogon can be found here


To find out more about how to deploy Netskope Private Access Prelogon for Private Apps with Window Autopilot, please speak with your Netskope contact.


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