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I am new to Netskope.  We are running Netskope as a VPN solution.


Can you run another VPN solution on top of this without affecting Netskope.

Like Cisco Anyconnect.

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This post may provide some insight: VPN and NPA Not Happy Together | Community (

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VPN’s do work in conjunction or side by side with Netskope. However, you will need to do certain things below as to ensure interoperability with the Netskope Client. The best practice is to split tunnel all Netskope traffic from the VPN Tunnel and to put in network (destination location) and domain exceptions in steering. 


Hope this helps.

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Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, you could run the Borderless WAN solution from Netskope for server initiated communication and use Private Access for apps that don’t need server initiated communication. That being said, we can interoperate with a VPN with no issues however it will require some additional setup.

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Agree with @cmitzlaff depending on your end game or if your just needing your current VPN to function properly with Netskope deployed.