New installation of private access and WSL

  • 7 February 2023
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We are currently in the process of setting up a new netskope installation for private access and DLP. Things a re going fairly well and most stuff is working. We have a lot of devs in our organization and a lot of them use WSL on windows for things like their buildtools and docker etc. What we have found is we have to install the netskope linux client in WSL for it to be able to get private access. This is in addition to the windows client. Although this is logical as wsl is a hyperv vm underneath the hood, its far from optimal. Has anyone else got and alternative ways of doing it?

ie can the windows netskope client provide a proxy we could define via the https_proxy variables etc?


1 reply

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I'm looking for a solution to the same situation, however, just reinforcing the problem only occurs with WSL2, with WSL1 the traffic is forwarded normally.

in WSL2 it is not possible to install the client