NPA Increase Throughput

  • 26 October 2022
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We started using NPA for our Radiologists; they connect from home [1Gb ISP connection] via NPA [two publishers] to our on prem PACS system. 


PACS studies/Images are pretty big, some studies are 2 GB+ in size. We are on for the publisher and per the release notes, this version supports peak throughput of 500 Mbps. But unfortunately we are not seeing that.


In testing the Peak, we notice is only ~120Mbps. We have set up a speedtest docker container just for this purpose and published it through NPA.


Wondering if anyone has thoughts on how to increase the throughput so the images load faster as some of our rads reported slowness in loading the studies. 



9 replies

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Great idea on setting up a speedtest docker. Which one did you go with, I'd like to do the same.

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@Siva - I just setup the same speedtest server and NPA rules. I can confirm that we are seeing the same. I'm on a 1gb/1gb home Fios circuit. My NPA and Speedtest docker are deployed in AWS.

download: ~186Mpbs
uploda: 590mbps


download: 70Mbps
upload: 169Mbps

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@nduda Thanks for sharing your numbers. 


Netskope folks, any thoughts on how we can increase NPA throughput? 

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I opened a support ticket yesterday on this - I have a zoom session monday to go over it with support. My guess is that I'll get a similar response as how throughput with SWG works. 

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@nduda , when possible, could you share the speed test results from today?


Our download throughput numbers took a nosedive, practically to a point where our radiologists couldn't work


NPA Throughput

Download ~4Mbps

Upload ~65Mbps


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I'm on a 1gb/1gb Verizon FiOS circuit. Located in Boston - using NYC gateway. I just ran the following tests to my OpenSpeedTest server:

Connected to 5Ghz wifi (router fairly close)

NPA Download: 131Mbps

NPA Upload: 227Mbps

Disabled NPA, Connected to VPN: Download 193Mbps

Disabled NPA, Connected to VPN: Upload 390Mbps

Hardwired to router

NPA Download: 76Mbps

NPA Upload: 120Mbps

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Thank you, really appreciate the quick response. 

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Hi figured I would give you more data.

Testing Scenario:

- Home (1gbps download/150mb upload)

- to/from one of the two NPA Publishers in Azure.

- NPA v99.0.5.36

- Client v99.0.6.1100

- NPA Gateway (CA-YYZ1 Toronto).

Just did home to internal network SMB:

- Pulled a 1.4GB file between 120-180mbps

- Uploaded a 4GB file between between 100-150mbps (upload being the limited factor)