Policy Hit Count for NPA

  • 23 August 2023
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I am looking for a way to look up a way to get a policy hit count, specifically for NPA policies but I can easily identify the NPA policies based on the name.  I would like to know of a way to get a count of every time a policy was hit.  Right now I have to go into Network Events in SkopeIt, export a list of all data for the last 90 days, and then do some Excel Kung-Fu and do a count-if for each policy name. 


Maybe something in Advanced Analytics??

1 reply

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Hello @roboflex

This should be possible with Advanced Analytics with a measure and viewing the Policy Name and # Events.   If you have Cloud Firewall ensure you filter out those events as well as NPA and Cloud Firewall use Network Events for logging.  

It might also make sense to also add info on the app definition that was matched as I assume your intent is to see what policies are being used the most to refine your policies over time.  The fields I used for my testing in Advanced Analytics were:

Network Events Policy Name 
Network Events # Events
Network Events Traffic Type (filtering only)