PQDNs or short name doesn`t work in Netskope Private Access

  • 30 August 2023
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Hi there,

We have created apps definition with FQDN and PQDN, but we are able to access the application with FQDN and not with PQDN. We have DNS Search Domain update from DHCP which is correct domain and also edited the 51-cloud-init.yaml  file with the correct domains in publisher. But still access with PQDN doesn`t work.

Does anyone has any idea what next can be done? I have already raised Netskope Support, but would like to quick resolution if anyone has faced this issue.

4 replies

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Did you ever have any luck with this?


I'm having a similar issue, where the NPA client seems to ignore DNS suffix search list on the client.

First it tries to resolve the PQDN via the first suffix in the search list, and then it actually seems to fall back onto Netbios Name Service 😞

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Hi @sumit_infotrust ,

Hope you are doing well.

I hope support team shared the right solution for your question. Feel free to share the same with our community.


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Good morning @Deepak_InfoTru and @elawaetz

NPA can handle PQDN based queries with the tweaks here.  That being said, this is handled Publisher side and some of it depends on the DNS suffixes that the client is configured for.  There is an upcoming enhancement to more gracefully handle multiple search domains and PQDNs on the client side that I’d suggest reaching out to your local account team for additional info. 

Thank you.

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Hi Sam,


We got the fix in December, that handles PQDNs by running thru’ the suffix list, and that works nicely.