Use NPA with logical condition

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Use NPA with logical condition Good afternoon everyone.

Can anyone tell me if there is any way to put a logical condition, example:
Is there a way to configure netskope to be a “second choice” connection type.


The user is in the company, on the internal network, I want the traffic not to go out through the NPA, but through our internal network.

Or, user is on VPN, I want traffic to go out through VPN instead of NPA.


Is it possible for him to identify this? Or will the priority always be the NPA?

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This is accomplished thanks to dynamic steering (

You can, for instance define a DNS entry only resolvable from corp/vpn connectivity, and if this is resolved, then you can define which apps to steer or not steer in ZTNA.



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Just be careful with on/off-prem configurations. On-prem steering exemptions happen at the proxy level, not client-side at this time. This has the potential for impact if you are running cloud services that use IP address as a means for access control. 

For example, we have numerous applications that require coming from an office IP to work. If on-prem is enabled then those applications are still sent to the Netskope proxy (albeit exempted) but will come from a Netskope IP.

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Hi Bruna,

the most immediate solution is to have the NPA gateway (* blocked by the corporate firewall.