Netskope Cloud Hotfix 97.1.0 Documentation Available Now!

The Netskope Cloud R97.1.0 hotfix documentation is here! New & updated articles are live on The release notes are here: Netskope Release Notes Hotfix Version 97.1.0.


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I see that my tenant is running 97.1.5.   However there are only release notes for 97.1.0 and 97.1.3, nothing is published for 97.1.5.   Shouldn't there at least be known & fixed issues documents?


A timely question it seems based on the "Updates from Netskope's Chief Customer Officer" email I just received which included the following.

2. Customers have requested for more visibility into all the bugs addressed in our monthly releases. Starting this month, from Release 98, we are making changes to our release notes process to include as many details as possible with regards to the addressed and known issues. We also have customer webinars that are hosted by our Product Management team that dive into the recent releases. You can watch the recent webinar, here.