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Fail open/close install command line switch


We've opened a support ticket as we believe we've found a bug where devices are not honoring the fail close option in the Client Configuration. We have fail closed unchecked, yet we notice almost all our systems in the UI (as well as logs) having fail closed enabled. That led us down the path of wanting to do the install of NS Client with fail closed disabled -- the tool tip says this can be done during install however we can't find on the KB or help section what those install switches are to do this.

There is also no bulk way we can see to change all devices to fail close disabled (API or UI). 

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@nduda do you have uninstall password featured turned on?  It is required for fail-close to be turned on.

I have this same issue.  Client config uninstall password is configured, fail closed is NOT checked.  Client logs for all machines have the following:  {"status":"success","clientStatus":"1","failCloseStatus":"1"

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