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How to update account credentials used by Netskope Adapters?

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I have an inherited deployment and potentially need to either update the password for the service account that the Netskope Adapters use, or change the account they use to a new one. Has anyone done this before, and if so, where might I do that?


Our server is running the AD Importer and Directory Importer. Would the credentials used for LDAP queries be the same as the user/service account that the AD Importer and Directory Importer Windows services run as?


I'm guessing that was the account that the Adapters Configuration Utility was originally installed under, but I'm not sure if that's the same credentials used for the LDAP queries itself, and I can't find anywhere in the Utility to tell me otherwise. 


For reference, Directory Importer is set to "Active Directory". I did find a place for some credentials if I switch it to "Other Directory Services", but if I choose that and then "Set Attributes", everything is blank, which makes me think it's not being used.



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Thank you for reaching out, @eblackburn ! Our community team is looking for a solution for you and will get back with you shortly! If any community members know a solution, please feel free to respond in this thread.

@kh-cathy29811 I have sent customer a response. Thank you.

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