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Support Portal Issues


Is anyone else having issue with the new support portal?


As a Partner I used to be able to view cases that I was CC on and see all my clients cases.

I can't see anything anymore and I get email stating that you have been mentioned in a comment.

When logging into the portal i get an access denied page.


This has been a step back in usability for me. 

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Aye.   I used to be an automatic watcher of any ticket opened by my company.
Now, I can't even find tickets that aren't associated with my support account.

That notification email is now much less useful.   
Rather than containing the details of the update, it only lets you know that an update has been made.

Additionally, as a customer, I had been able to see who else was being copied on any ticket I had access to.   

Now that information is missing as well.


Hi, @qyost and @Dion-Thanos


Please check out this post: Support Portal Migration Update 


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