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Netskope Client 93 - Mac - JAMF Policy install - Trigger Configuration Update Post Install

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Using JAMF to deploy Netskope Client v93.0.1.944 to target Macs (10.14.6 through 12.3.1).


Installation is successful, but on Big Sur and higher, it can take up to 10 minutes for the client to automatically enable and download its configuration updates. If the Update link is clicked, the client downloads updates and enables itself.


If I run "/Library/Application\ Support/Netskope/STAgent/nsdiag -u" from Terminal, the client downloads updates and enables itself.


However, if I run that as a Execute Command or as an After script in the policy (or separately), I get the following message: "Failed to download configuration updates."


Any suggestions would be appreciated... thanks!

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Thank you for reaching out, @RobbG. A Netskope expert from our community team will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, if any community member knows the solution, please reply to this thread!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @RobbG.. I've escalated this question internally to find you an answer.  Thanks for your patience.

Julie Brancik Senior Manager, Community Operations

Hi @RobbG ,


Thanks for reaching out. We'd like to connect you with the assigned TAM to look into this further, but unfortunately we are missing your contact information.

Could you please reach out to me at and we can get you connected to look into this further.




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