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Quick security posture check of your Netskope tenant


Below is a link to a very simple Netskope tool that will perform a quick check on 17 different checks across 3 security categories: (1) Web & Cloud Categorization (2) Threat Protection and (3) Data Loss Protection.



A simple online tool to gauge the effectiveness of your initial Netskope security policies.

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Thank you for sharing this, This just made us realize that we need to make some changes. Very useful tool.

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Great tool! Thank you for sharing. 

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Any guidance on how to use it?


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Thanks for sharing. Our corporate site failed in the below category. Any insight on that. We have to use a proxy and a pac file for the phase 1 of the project to migrate from zscaler to NS. We will remove the pac file config to no proxy once we consolidate our networking environment. Is the red flag as under is due to the fact that we are using proxy/PAC file? Thanks for any input.

Block proxies and anonymizers.

Checks whether you are blocking proxies and anonymizers.


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