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Unsanctioned Apps Usage

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Hi Community,


I'm trying to understand how to allow certain users on a policy that has an Unsanctioned App. Basically, I don't want the whole organization to have access to it but only authorized users. Therefore, is there a way to allow this? I've tried to but I automatically get blocked even if there's a policy for the allowed users placed above the "Block Users to ___". Any suggestions would be great.

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Hi Leah,


You can use the sanction and unsanctioned feature Available on Netskope for the same. Refer the hl



Shiv Ram
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We have a pair of policies in place for similarly unsanctioned sites. 
First policy permits members of a privileged group (defined in AD, imported to SWG) to access the app.
The second policy then blocks access to the app (whether that's as an app, category, or tag) for "everyone".


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