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Traffic not steering to Netskope


The Netskope client has connected to Chennai Gateway but the is showing that the traffic is not steering to Netskope.  We have configured the Traffic steering policy with dynamic steering enabled, if we disabled the dynamic steering then if we select the “All traffic” means, the traffic is steering towards Netskope. If we select the cloud APPS only then the traffic is not steering to Netskope.


Any thoughts on this

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Hi @MariaAlex ,


If you choose "Cloud apps" as the steering type, you need to specify which apps should go through Netskope. Only those CASB apps will go through Netskope. For example, if you've added "Amazon S3" to cloud apps, only Amazon S3 traffic will pass through Netskope. If you visit, it won't be steered through Netskope because this URL isn't specified in cloud apps for steering.

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The easiest way to check if traffic is going through Netskope is by looking at the certificate or checking the nsddebug log.


On Windows PowerShell:

  1. Navigate to cd C:\Users\Public\netSkope.

  2. Run the command: Get-Content .\nsdebuglog.log -wait -tail 1

If the traffic is going through Netskope, the logs will indicate "tunneled." If not, they will show "bypassed."


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