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Hope you all are doing well with your schedule!


My name is Shiv Ram. I'm working with PCS Solutions (India ). My job title is Pre-Sales Technical Consultant. I'm working with various products which are available in the market related to Data Security. I'm also the security engineer for our Netskope products having experience in the security field is almost 2 years and I am excited to join this community to share and brush up my skills with Netskope daily.🤝


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Thanks sir, for wonderful welcome

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Welcome to the Netskope Community, @Shiv


We are glad that you have joined, and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. Check out our Blogs and the Netskope Academy to continue to learn more about Netskope and take your skills to the next level!  


Don't forget to subscribe to the boards you are most interested in so you don't miss out on anything!


looking forward to seeing you around the Community,


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Thanks sir, for wonderful welcome

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