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Welcome from Philly!


My name is Jim Menkevich.  I've been an IT and Security practitioner and leader for 20+ years prior to coming to Netskope.  


I currently one of the SEs covering Eastern PA, DE and South Jersey.


Before joining Netskope, I was a customer for 4 years!  I have a unique perspective on how Netskope can help reduce risk and exposure for your company.  I'm happy to share my knowledge from both sides.


I'm looking forward to working with the community!

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Welcome @jmenkevich!


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. 


Join in our product Discussions, were you can provide some pro tips and best practices.


Do you have any frequently asked questions from customers? Post it to their respective boards or the Additional Discussion board!


Also, check out and leverage our Groups & Events area, and if you know of any Netskope events coming up in your area make sure to post the announcement there so other Community members can register!


We look forward to seeing you around the Community,

Chris Shernaman

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