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How to check Anti Virus Exclusion is successful for Netskope Client


Hi Team,

We are going for POC of SWG. I want to know how to check the Anti Virus Exclusion for Netskope Client.

If NS client folders are excluded successfully or not also kindly share me the Docs for Netskope Client installation on MAC Windows Manually.

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For the Manual client on either Mac or Windows, I would recommend performing the email invite.


With regards to the anti-virus exclusions, the Netskope client doesn't confirm if exclusions are in place.  So I would recommend, checking the anti-virus logs to validate none of the Netskope locations that are documented in have been subject to a scan (both real-time or scheduled).

Hi Myee,


Thankyou for update but how we can check this from our side we should have some KB to check AV exclusion on that.

The Netskope document,, describes what Netskope folders and files to configure in the exclusion in the A/V admin console.


The A/V should have some way to confirm that the exclusions are in place.  As an example, here is one I found for MS Defender, the steps to confirm are listed at the end of the document. -


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