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Internet Not working on a particular system (working for rest of the systems)


Dear Team, 

We noticed that the internet is in working condition for every other user, however, it is showing an error of the internet not working on a that particular system.

After analysis, we found the below logs, we need your assistance to understand the cause.


fileUtil.cpp:45 nsUtils failed to open file for reading: C:\ProgramData\netskope\stagent/eventcache.json, err:2

t40a4 info fileUtil.cpp:82 nsUtils failed to open file for reading: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Netskope\STAgent/data/authtoken.pem, err: 2

t2afc error registry.cpp:158 registry RegOpenKeyEx failed, err: 2


Best Regards.

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Hello @shubhamk,


The log entries provided aren't conclusive as they may just indicate that certain features aren't enabled on the client.  I believe error 2 indicates that the file is not found which likely means the feature isn't enabled.  Do you see the client activating and failing to work?  Is the client not activating and internet access isn't working?  Is fail-close enabled?  

There are a number of potential behaviors and causes that could be contributing to this so I'd suggest opening a support case.  

Sam Shiflett
Netskope Solution Architect - North America

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