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Mac OS Sonoma

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Sonoma is coming out on the September 26th. Does Netskope have any statement on whether it is supported? If so, which version of NS client?  I have not been able to see anything here or the support portal. Thank you. 

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Official support for the GA version of Sonoma will be available in the next release after Sep26 - with Client v109 - as we will need to test for the GA version of the OS once it's released. 
That being said v108 has been qualified with the beta version of Sonoma though.. I'd say if you're in a hurry, start testing with v108.1 which will come out a day before the Sonoma GA release - test it out and let us know how it goes, and in a couple of weeks 109 will be out

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Hi @aramachandran, thanks for the clarification. We already have some users that have upgraded to the latest Sonoma build v14.0, and while the client works OK -- we're seeing some issues now with being unable to process our scripts for things like restarting the NS client in the event of a change for manual triggers on our side. By chance do you know if the LaunchDaemon or System Extension somehow changed with this latest MacOS rollout? 

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Hi @aramachandran, I just wanted to further add here that some of our Sonoma users on v108.X are seeing considerable network performance issues (speeds in Kbps or low Mbps) that don't seem to be explained by other factors. We're still attempting to troubleshoot and move between DCs, and it's possible there's other external factors at work, but just wanted to toss this out in case more reports of similar behavior are recognized and reported.

Highly recommend you configure your MDM to delay Sonoma until netskope gets an official client support 

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I see that the v109 documentation and release notes are out, but does anyone know how long before the client is available?


I also do not see anything mentioned in the release notes about this client supporting the macOS Sonoma release. Just a blurb on DLP saying

"Tested and verified the Endpoint DLP agent on the latest macOS Sonoma pre-release build."

Releases are rolled out over a 1-2 week period, and depending on where your management plane is located is when the release and associated agent versions are available. The R109 rollout schedule can be found in the Support portal. You can also subscribe to release notifications in the support portal to get an email on the schedule on the timeline of release availability based on management plane.  

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