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Netskope Controlled Domains for URL Category Testing


Hello NS community!


Currently Netskope URL categorization product has 126 categories. Some categories are normal and legitimate such as Financial News, Business, Educations, and some categories are security risk related such as, Security Risk - Botnets, Security Risk - Phishing/Fraud. There are also categories that may not be allowed for work environment such as Gambling, Tobacco or Adult contents.

Each customer can create their own policies to allow or block each URL category. In order to test these policies, customer needs to know the URL samples in each category and then performs the test.



Below you can see an example of these "hardcoded" categorizations for the security category and a document with the complete list of URLs is attached. (body is limited to 20k characters)


category_id category_name domain
521 Security Risk
583 Security Risk - Ad Fraud
588 Security Risk - Attack
578 Security Risk - Botnets
579 Security Risk - Command and Control server
580 Security Risk - Compromised/malicious sites
589 Security Risk - Cryptocurrency Mining
584 Security Risk - Hacking
585 Security Risk - Malware Call-Home
586 Security Risk - Malware Distribution Point
581 Security Risk - Phishing/Fraud
582 Security Risk - Spam sites
587 Security Risk - Spyware & Questionable Software
594 Security Risk - DGA
595 Security Risk - Miscellaneous



Are there similar policy test/validation URLs for the "normal and legitimate" categories?

(ah.. last line.    "Document with list is attached."     Having it directly available in the post or as a KB article on the support site would be fantastic.   The document served as a test of our block of filesharing sites.)



Yes! they're attached. i couldn't put in the body due to a limitation in the number of characters. 

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