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Question for academic organizations or anyone that uses SWG forwarding

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I have a number- of applications where a corporate IP address allows access without authentication.  For the first 15 or so, we have been 100% successful in using the Forwarder back to corporate and then sending the traffic from here.  However, the most recent set, library resources works some days and don't work on other days.   Has anyone seen this behavior?



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Hello @wilson,


The intermittent behavior would suggest either a bug or a configuration issue (not capturing all domains or IP addresses that should be forwarded).  When this does occur do you see events indicating that the forward to proxy action is being applied?  Additionally, are these resources all HTTP/HTTPS based or do they utilize other protocols?  

Sam Shiflett
Netskope Solution Architect - North America
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Thanks.  Evidence that it is intermittent is supplanted by the observation that after we removed the IP addresses from forwarding and put them into bypass, they are still be forwarded periodically.  All resources are HTTP/HTTPS.  Also we have learned when a category changed that you cannot SSL BYPASS while forwarding.

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