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Interconnect NPA Private Access IPSEC to Private Apps


Interconnect NPA Private Access IPSEC to Private Apps


Hello good afternoon, thank you for your cooperation.


I have a doubt, is there any way to enable, example:


If I have an IPSEC tunnel between my HQ and AWS, can I have an IPSEC tunnel, between my Netskope and AWS, without having to depend on installing a "Publisher" and not depending on that VM or Addon, to be able to access private APPS services, such as Private Access features ? For a SASE/ZTNA environment?


Thank you, I remain attentive


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You definitely need apublisher, but you can install an editor on your cloud vendor and the traffic flow is NS client - NS Cloud - cloud app without going through the on-premises datacenter

Hello @agarcia , thank you for your reply.


But thinking about the NPA, in ZTNA, is it mandatory, to access applications, to have to install a Publisher ? Isn't it possible to interconnect my DC in AWS Cloud or Azure for example, via IPSEC to/with Netskope ? and then allow traffic through Netskope ? Isn't it feasible without the need to add a "Publisher" component if I already have the connectivity ? Or via SDWAN ?


Thank you, I remain attentive, best regards


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