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Widget Dashboard for NPA

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Hi All

We have several tenants we manage and we have just  setup our first client that is only using NPA and i received a shock when looking at the overview dashboard which showed 0 users yet all 73 users where connected and working.


Can i suggest that a Widget Dashboard is given for the users just using NPA that shows at least the number of users connected. I thing this would be great for all netskope admins as at the moment does not give you a true representation of the number of user working.


Would be great if you could drill into this dashbaord showing the following key information in a list

1.) Username

2.) user Group relating to the private apps that can be steer

3.)Time of connection

4.) Time of disocnnection

5.) Source IP

6.) Traffic



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Hello AIEQSystems, 


Do you have the Netskope Advanced Analytics product in your portfolio? This product allows you to create views like the one you are looking to get. There is an existing dashboard in the Netskope Library, called "Private Application Discovery" which already shows you the user count (which is drillable to see actual users) along with other metric that may be valuable to you. Please see the attached PDF export of this data. 


Additionally, you may want to leverage the Netskope DEM product, which also have views into NPA data. 


Hope this helps!


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