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Netskope’s Cloud Confidence Index (CCI) is a database of more than 54,000 cloud apps that Netskope has evaluated based on 48+ objective criteria adapted from Cloud Security Alliance Guidance. These criteria measure apps enterprise-readiness, taking into consideration an apps security, audit-ability, and business continuity.


The Cloud Exchange Application Risk Exchange integration with ServiceNow shares this application CCI score with ServiceNow providing additional information about applications in ServiceNow’s company database.



  • Netskope tenant
  • ServiceNow account



Netskope Cloud Exchange

  1. Review applications in Cloud Exchange ARE
  2. Create business rule



  1. View in ServiceNow
  2. Search for shared application CCI 


Review applications in Cloud Exchange ARE

You can view the entire list of applications being brought into Cloud Exchange from your Netskope tenant including the applications CCI score.

In this example, I have filtered to show any application that Netskope has tagged unsanctioned. 



Create Business Rule

To filter which applications you end up sending to ServiceNow, create a business rule to match the ones you want to send over. 



Define Sharing rule

The Sharing rule maps out who the source and destination are and then uses the Business Rule as the filter of what information to send over. 



View in ServiceNow

On the left side search for “companies”



Search for shared application CCI

Look for one of the applications that were sent over from matching your sharing rule. You will see the CCI information in the Notes section. 



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