Netskope Client Communication issue

  • 17 July 2023
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Hello all,


I'm not sure if I can post this issue hear or not.


Does anyone have an issue of Netskope Client communication issue with the Console? Most Mac OS machines are failing to report to the console when the machines are online. All our endpoint devices are running on 105 client versions. Till now no resolutions from support. Does anyone have this issue? 

Till now are uninstalling the ns client and reinstalling it. But I don't think it is not the recommended solution. 

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Hell @odhareddy,


The client communicates with the management plane using an API call to post client status.  Do client logs show this API call succeeding?  If so, that would likely indicate that there may be an issue updating the UI from the backend or somewhere along the way.  If the call is failing and the status messages are queuing that would indicate an issue with communication to the Netskope management plane.