SkopeIT Query: Powerful In operator. "AND" versus the "In"

  • 25 July 2023
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Although there is no max limit to query imposed having a short query is succinct and efficient.


SkopeIT "AND" parameter is handy when it comes to writing SkopeIT queries.


If your parameter is constant but only the value is different a better operator to use would be "In"


This will shorten your query and search will be more efficient.


Here is an example of using IN operator. If you were to use AND imagine the length of the query if you were to add 100's of values!


Note that parameter values are included in single quote separated by comma. The parameter (here " dlp_incident_id" ) is entered only once.


SkopeIT query:

(dlp_incident_id in ['863060765611108610','8203483362870297256'] and status neq 'Resolved - Policy Updated')


Thanks to Paul Knight who suggested the alternative.

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