Strange response querying IPsec tunnels in API

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I'm trying to query IPsec tunnel status via API v2, but the response I get via the swagger UI is 

{"status": 405, "result": "method not allowed, please remove IPSec tunnels from webui to proceed further"}


The token is good as other endpoints work and the /api/v2/steering/ipsec/ endpoint is allowed for this token.

Any clue why I'm getting this response?




Best answer by rclavero 15 March 2023, 21:38

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Hi John,

once API is enabled for tenant, then you cannot use web UI to create or manage tunnels. 

In other words, if you want to monitor the tunnels using an API call, it's required to create those tunnels using the api, too. 



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Hi @rclavero 

Just to confirm, if the IPSEC tunnel was created in the web UI i cannot use the API V2 to query the IPSEC tunnel list?




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If i wan't to monitor the bandwidth from my GRE tunnel or IPSEC and if both was been created in the UI i will not be able to use the API!?