Tenant concern: Real-time Protection Policies "auto-populating" for a private app

  • 20 July 2023
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I'm working with one of our admins that has been seeing an concerning behavior for some time now. 

  • when editing or reviewing real-time protection policies, data in existing policies will change accompanied by an "auto populating" message 

Here's his report from today: 

  • for example when i look at NPA-PeoplesoftUpdate-PROD-support, the destination is NAC-PeoplesoftHR-PROD-support

  • but when i look at the policy itself, it auto changes the dest to the nonprod, and pops up the, "auto-populated" box at the top


Has anyone here ecountered anything like this before? It happens regardless of browser for him. 




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Can you re-add the screenshots? They do not show inline with your post.

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Hello @AlfaBane,


The notification that an app is auto-populated occurs when a policy is created from the Private Apps page to inform the user that the app that's been selected has been prefilled from the other page.Was this policy originally created from that page and then the app changed later?  Either way, it would appear that this may be a UI bug.  I'd suggest opening a support case with these screenshots and a HAR capture when you load this page.