Widget Not Syncing With he Data

  • 7 August 2023
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I have tried to add the "Time Actively Spent on Sites" widget to my dashboard but for some reason the data wont sync in real time and no matter what user I pick it's the same numbers. How can I get it to sync with the data in real time? 

4 replies

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Hello @EKing,

Logs for Advanced Analytics are processed in batches so they won't update in real time.  I believe they are processed every hour but would need to confirm that timeline.   If this is for a regularly viewed/configured dashboard you can have it auto refresh on an interval under the Dashboard Settings at either the dashboard or widget level:

In your case since you want the most up to date data I would suggest every hour or two hours to account for the processing time as well.  

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"Approximately hourly" has been my observation with uploads into AA.

But, I would love to see data streamed in.   This batch approach limits the usefulness of the dashboards for anything more than historical trending.   You can't use the dashbaords to see how traffic looks now compared to the historical trend and identify anomalies in realtime.

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I'm sharing this feedback with our product team to see what's on the horizon.  I don't know if we have a dedicated enhancement request and plan at this time but will check. 

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@qyost We have plans to shorten this ingestion time.  This effort is currently being scoped and tested by our Product and Engineering teams.  If you'd like specific details on the target dates and progress please reach out to your local account team.