Gartner: 4 Ways Generative AI Will Impact CISOs and Their Teams

  • 15 September 2023
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According to Gartner, “ChatGPT and large language models are the early signs of how generative AI (GenAI) will shape many business processes. Security and risk management leaders, specifically CISOs, and their teams need to secure how their organization builds and consumes GenAI, and navigate its impacts on cybersecurity.”


In addition, Gartner says that “The level of hype, scale and speed of ChatGPT adoption has raised end-user awareness of LLMs, leading to uncontrolled uses of LLM applications. It has also opened the floodgates to business experiments and a wave of AI-based startups promising unique value propositions from new LLM and GenAI applications. Many business and IT project teams have already launched GenAI initiatives, or will start soon.”


CISOs and security teams need to prepare for impacts from GenAI in four different areas according to Gartner:

  • “Defend with” GenAI
  • “Attacked by” GenAI
  • Secure enterprise initiatives to “build” GenAI applications
  • Manage and monitor how the organization “consumes” GenAI


Do you agree? Please read the Gartner report here.

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