How to check Netskope client connectivity from Windows 10 without accessing the console

  • 27 August 2021
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Dear All,

I am new to Netskope. I am in the process of deploying the Netskope client as a part of migration from zscaler to Netskope. I was wondering what is the best practice to check a successful client installation and connectivity from the Win10 devices without accessing the admin console.

I am checking the Netskope Client Configuration screen and nslookup to the netskope server/appliance. Is there any better way to test connectivity and functions as a checklist for successful client install.

Thanks in advance. 


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5 replies

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Once the client comes up (the systray icon will be blue and orange), open up a browser window and go to a CASB application like or OneDrive. Click on the padlock icon in the URL bar. View the certificate. If it is from, you have successful connectivity and steering.

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You can also right mouse click and take a look at the configuration. It should show you to which Netskope PoP it is connected, who the user is and what type of traffic steering. Good luck, let us know how you get on!

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That will tell you connectivity. Without checking the certificate, you can't be sure that the traffic is steered correctly. If the cert isn't, you may have connectivity, but it's not being steered, and therefore SSL decrypted by Netskope.

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In combination with checking Netskope Client is enabled. From your preferred web browser, navigate to, this will verify you're forwarding traffic to Netskope service.

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All of the above options work great but my #1 go to is just looking at the nsdebug.log file especially if i'm troubleshooting an issue with a website.