Latest Golden Release v108

  • 13 September 2023
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I noticed this morning that the NS Client Latest Golden Release version has been updated to v108.0.0, which is the same as the Latest Release. Was this intentional? Was a lesser version skipped (v107, v106, etc)? Also, the Support page is still shown v105 and v108 is not available for download.. Thx..


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2 replies

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Yes, the latest release client version is the current Netskope Cloud client version, regardless of if the release is a golden release or not.  Previous to last night, the latest client release was R107.1.x and the latest golden release was 105.  

The support article looks to have not been updated yet.  To get the latest agent version, you can obtain it by https://download-<netskope tenant> for windows or https://download-<netskope tenant> for MacOS.

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The support article has been updated.