DLP Incidents Available Now for Netskope Advanced Analytics!

  • 9 December 2022
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DLP incidents for Netskope Advanced Analytics are here! The documentation is live here: Advanced Analytics Incidents. The release notes are here: Advanced Analytics Incidents.
Key Features
  • Incidents Data Collection (Explorer)
  • DLP Incidents Status Monitoring (Netskope Library)
Key Benefits
  • Monitor Security Operations: Security incidents should be handled or mitigated in a timely manner. Advanced Analytics helps organizations see aggregated views of DLP incidents in order to get visibility into resolution.
  • Identify process bottlenecks: With Advanced Analytics, organizations can dive into incident process workflows to identify and address bottlenecks.
  • Identify frequent offenders: Advanced Analytics provides a summary view of DLP incidents, making it easier to spot the individuals and groups that need coaching.
  • Communicate KPIs with upper management: CISOs need summary views to identify the problems in their security program.

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