Documentation Portal Redesign Coming Soon!

  • 11 April 2023
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Next week we're rolling out our long awaited revamp of the documentation portal,!

This is Phase 1, and the key focus areas are:

  1. Faster page load
  2. Quicker search response
  3. Faster doc updates

While you'll notice very little difference visually, we rebuilt the back end from the ground up.

 "So what?" you might ask.

Well, no more getting a cup of coffee while you wait for the page to load!

We're using a new platform, and we've also streamlined everything, so page load times have significantly improved. Also, the search works. Need we say more?

There's nothing you need to do, as the URLs all remain the same. Just visit the site next week and revel in the phenomenal performance.

If you notice anything odd, submit your feedback via

1 reply

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Thanks for the update, @mfaris! 💫