Help us improve the Netskope user experience

  • 2 February 2023
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Netskope UX research team conducts a variety of studies year round to identify the best design for the Netskope platform. These studies range from new feature design, usability testing, to general user experience feedback gathering. Help us shape the future of Netskope.
If you would like to be notified when researchers are conducting a study you might be interested in, sign up to be part of our panel!
We promise not to spam and will only reach out a few times a year. We look forward to your participation!

5 replies

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Thank you @pmathur  for sharing the survey link with our Netskope Community! Tagging our Top Contributors to the thread to participate 😊 











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Thank you for this initiative, already subscribed 🙂

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Thank you Rohit for tagging top contributors to the thread.

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Thank you @fmastakas for showing for interest 🙂.

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Hi Rohit and mathur,


Congratulations on the leadership in Magic Quadrant in SSE.


If there is a license additional tab on the netskope tenant to check what features of SSE are enabled on the customer ends so it can be better for the customer ends to understand the same.


Again Congratulations guys you have done a great job.