How to resolve the technical support issues faster?

  • 1 December 2022
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Greetings from Netskope!

We thank you for your active participation in weekly workshops.

In this post, I would like to highlight two workshops delivered by the technical support team.

Effectively working with Technical Support” is summarized below:

a.) Select the Problem Product Area: SWG, DLP, API-Protection, NPA, etc.

b.) State the type of Problem and describe the problem:

  • Is it a new service activation? (example: install Cloud exchange, add new API protection, etc)
  • Was this functionality working before, and broken now? (example: DLP incidents stop showing up, error on saving policy changes, etc)
  • Having a question on policy configuration, incident analysis, best practices etc.

c.) Issue Type: Intermittent OR Consistent

d.) Impact Statement: One user, few users, or many users.

e.) Steps to Reproduce: How Netskope support engineer can reproduce the problem.

f.) Troubleshooting: Any troubleshooting steps already performed

g.) Referring Product Specific Best Practices KBs: Which document you referred to?

h.) Provide Logs, Screenshots & Errors: Screenshots, screen recording, and the exact error message

i.) Network information: Source IP address, public IP address, traceroute and ping information

To help you with provide all these details to Netskope support team, I would like to recommend watching the following workshop that was attended by 130 customers:

Netskope Steering Client - Architecture and Troubleshooting

Hope this post is helpful in resolving your technical issues faster.

Please let us know your feedback.

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