Netskope AWS Immersion Day Toronto - June 20th

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Calling all Toronto based and surrounding practitioners

Netskope AWS Immersion Day - Toronto workshop takes place on June 20th at the AWS office from 9:30am-2:30pm/3pm.

This workshop is ideal for the technical/practitioner audience who are using AWS and are either new or existing Netskope customers or are currently exploring Netskope solutions.

Feedback from past attendee "I learned so much. I wish I had taken this session months ago when we first deployed Netskope. Would have saved me hours".


Immersion Day Topics
SSE (Security Service Edge) and NPA (Netskope Private Access) for AWS
Netskope NG-SWG/CASB controls for AWS
Publishing NPA applications in AWS
Using Netskope for egress controls in AWS
Securing AWS APIs using Netskope
- AWS Context

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Please reach out with questions.


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