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  • 15 October 2021
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Hi team!

We have some important updates regarding our wonderful technical documentation. I’ll start with the tl;dr:

  • PDFs: no!
  • Zendesk: also no!
  • HTML: yes!
  • Tenant help: portal!
  • Redesign: oh yeah!

The great news is that all of our technical documentation is now freely available online: It’s regularly updated and open to the public. So go check it out, bookmark the best articles, and tell your friends & family!

Maybe even greater news is that we’ve redesigned the look and feel of the documentation suite. We focused on making the articles more accessible and easier to read, while also speeding navigation and reducing clicks. The first phase will be live with r90, and you can expect continuous improvements over the coming months.

We’ve also stopped producing that massive Admin Guide PDF. If you need to print something, each page will have a print function to produce a nicely formatted PDF or physical print. Release 89 is the last Admin Guide PDF and is available in Zendesk.

Speaking of Zendesk, we are no longer publishing there. You might have noticed the banners on the articles; r89 is also the last time we’ll push our articles to Zendesk. Doing this removes the many restrictions imposed by Zendesk, and allows us to focus on the public site. So if you have bookmarks, update them with the spiffy new public site.

Speaking of that awesome public site, links in the tenant will start pointing there as of r91 (you might have noticed those banners, too). This removes the requirement to link our doc build to the software build, and allows us to link to the most current docs (and continue to update them as necessary). Release 89 is therefore the last build for the tenant help.

So surf the new site if you haven't and let us know what you think. We add or update content constantly! Your feedback, as always, is welcomed with a smile.

The Netskope Ninja Writing Team

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