We'd Love You to Join in on National Leave a Review Day! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • 6 June 2023
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Did you know that June 8th is National Leave a Review Day?

Over the next week (or month) to celebrate we’d really appreciate it if you'd be willing to share your Netskope experience. Your review of Netskope is very important, and helps keep our momentum strong in the SSE market. 


As a thank you for your time, Gartner Peer Insights has a selection of incentives:

  • 3 months of select Gartner research, market/vendor alerts, and weekly news, OR
  • $25 donation to a charitable cause in the U.S., OR
  • $25 gift card


You will be asked:

What product did you implement and a few additional questions related to your product usage and results.


Gartner Peer Insights URL: https://gtnr.io/6x4R8m8xF

If you’ve previously submitted a review on Gartner, we would still love your help and you can update your review by logging in to your profile. Only reviews submitted within the last 12-months are considered by Gartner for vendor scores, so visit your review and submit an update and it’s just like new! The incentives mentioned above per Gartner policies only apply to net new reviews, but we would love to have you participate if you are able to update your reviews and refresh the impact they have.

Don't miss out on great ways to engage with Netskope, learn more about the Netskope Fan Club today! We’ve got a special promotion for members of that group going, and you could win an awesome LEGO set if you sign up soon.  😎 🎁

3 replies

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Thanks, @cache for the post!  

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We need your particular set of skills... multiple reviews from unique individuals on the same team are each counted as unique impacts. 👋 😎
@shoke223 @nduda @ckumbier @ddrake @daanburger  @charbelboutros @francois_sauve 


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We continue to see new reviews roll-in, thanks to those who have taken the time to help with this push. We appreciate your support, here is our newest customer review. 🙌