Advanced Analytics - Persistent Customization

  • 27 November 2023
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I hope I'm overlooking something basic again, but...

I would really love to see a way that some properties could be defined once and reused across multiple reports.   Not just at the widget level.   I'm thinking more granular.   I would love to just define a custom extraction once and have it available in the Custom section for every future explore of the same logtype.   


Similarly, I would love to define "my domains" (or any other relatively static value) as a variable and have it available for every future report. This would be especially useful for the Netskope Library.   Many of the default reports all have the same "copy this report, edit that, and save a new version" guidance; but often what is being edited is the same 2 -3 sets of data.   If these were able to reference a common variable, there would be no need to reverse engineer the reports every time a new version is released.




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2 replies

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Hi @qyost, we have created an enhancement request for your ask. As you have noted, the only way to create custom fields is to leverage custom dimension that only persist at the individual widget level and do not span data collections. An alternative way to have custom fields is to use the active directory importer if those custom fields can be linked to a user id. For more on this feature, please access this docs site:


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Thanks Elena, I had planned to ER that wish if it was confirmed that I wasn't overlooking something.     I'll follow-up with our TAM.